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Controlling Television Programming with Parental Controls
Parental Control options are built into the Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) included within every OpenBand set-top box, and these Parental Control settings help you better manage what programming is viewed in your home. Parental Control settings apply to regular television programming as well as VOD content.
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Parental Control PIN
There are two types of PINs used to control programming with your Interactive Programming Guide (IPG):

Block PIN. The Block PIN is the numeric password used with Parental Control settings allowing you to block programming by channel or rating.

Purchase PIN. The Purchase PIN is the numeric password used to control Pay-Per-View (PPV) purchases.

Customers manage their PIN settings (change, enable, disable) from the General Settings Menu. To access the General Settings Menu, press the SET button on your remote control twice. Then, use the up and down arrows on your remote to scroll to the appropriate option: "Block: PIN" or "Purchase: PIN". Use the SELECT button on your remote control to select the appropriate option.

Note: If you have never established a personal PIN code, the default setting is "0000". If this default setting does not work, contact OpenBand Customer Service at (703) 961-1110 to have your set-top receiver's PIN reset.

Controlling VOD Access with a Parental Control Block PIN:
In order to block VOD content properly, you must understand a bit more about the VOD system.

To access VOD services, OpenBand customers tune to Channel 1 where they find the VOD Main Menu. Currently this VOD Main Menu includes categories for Movies, Free, Events, and Adult content, and this menu will soon be expanded to also include new subscription (SVOD) categories such as HBO and Cinemax.

The actual content within each of the VOD Main Menu categories is actually located on another channel, which is transparent to the user. We will refer to these hidden category-specific content channels as sub-channels.

To block all VOD content under a VOD Main Menu category, a user will have to block access to the appropriate sub-channel. Please note that blocking access to Channel 1 will only block access to the VOD main menu, not access to the actual VOD content which is located on these sub-channels.

VOD Category Sub-Channel
Ch. 860
Ch. 861
Ch. 862
Ch. 863

You can control access to an entire VOD Main Menu category (e.g., "Movies", "Adult", etc.) by blocking the sub-channel assigned to that category, as Parental Control options allow you to block by channel. Block the appropriate sub-channel by using the "Block: channel" option from the General Settings menu.

You can also use the "Block: Rating" option from the General Settings menu which allows you to block by rating (e.g., PG, R, etc.) "Block: Rating" settings apply to regular television programming as well as VOD content.


You wish to block Adult On-Demand VOD content. The Adult On-Demand content is located on sub-channel 863. You need to block this channel. Once channel 863 is blocked, any user trying to access Adult On-Demand will need to enter the Parental Control Block PIN.

First, ensure that you know the current Parental Control Block PIN. If you have never created a personal Block PIN, the default PIN is "0000". If "0000" does not work, contact OpenBand Customer Service to have your PIN reset.

Next, ensure that "Block: PIN" is enabled in the General Settings Menu. To do this, press the SET button twice and scroll to the "Block: PIN" option. Set to "ENABLED".

General Settings

Now, you need to block the desired channel by following these steps:

1. Press SET button twice to access General Settings Menu

2. Scroll to "Block: Channel" option

3. Press SELECT button

4. Enter your personal PIN as prompted.

5. Use the UP and DOWN arrows keys or PAGE +/- to scroll to channel 863.

6. Press the SELECT button

7. Press the 'A' button to Accept changes, as instructed on the screen.

Once this is done, any person trying to access Adult On-Demand will need to enter the Block PIN for access.

Please note:

  • Parental Controls must be turned ON from the Quick Settings menu in order for the block(s) to take effect. To access the Quick Settings menu, hit the SET button once. You will be asked to enter your Block PIN.
  • Parental Control is turned ON by default when the box is powered on when "Block: PIN" is set to ENABLED.
  • To disable Parental Controls completely, you have to set "Block: PIN" to DISABLE.
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Controlling Pay-per-View Access with a Purchase PIN

Customers have even greater control when it comes to controlling pay-per-view (PPV) purchases. Customers can use a "Purchase PIN" to control any and all PPV purchases from a set-top box. That is, a user must enter the Purchase PIN before any PPV purchase will be processed.

Customers can create a Purchase PIN using the "Purchase: PIN" option under the SET menu.

Each PPV channel can still be blocked by channel using the Parental Control PIN shown above.
PIN Entry

Important to Note
Parental Control options are located within the Interactive Programming Guide inside the set-top box. The settings on a set-top box only control content on that set-top box. If a customer has more than one set-top box in the home, then he/she must initiate settings on each set-top box to control each viewing location.

A complete user guide with more detailed information on the functions of the Interactive Programming Guide, including Parental Controls, can be found on Television Programming Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of the OpenBand Website.

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