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What is different about DIGITAL HOME SECURITY?
Traditional Home Security User's Guide (Beige Keypad)
Traditional Home Security User's Guide (White Keypad)
Digital Home Security User's Guide
Loudoun County Ordinance #655 - False Alarms (Information and on-line registration form)
Preventing False Alarms

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What is different about DIGITAL HOME SECURITY?

Digital Security differs from Traditional Home Security in the way it communicates with the Central Monitoring Facility.

Traditional security systems communicate over a phone line. This provides one-way communications for emergency calls out of the home. If a phone line is cut, the system is no longer in contact with the monitoring facility. This explains the need for the costly cellular back-up plans, offered by most home security companies.

Digital Home Security takes advantage of a Smart Neighborhood's fiber optic community network. A fiber communications path allows for a proactive security system. Two-way communications over fiber allow the Central Monitoring Facility to continuously poll your individual system to ensure connectivity. A loss in communications will immediately roll the system over to a phone line back-up and signal an alarm situation.

OpenBand's Digital Home Security System also supports advanced features including keyless entry, programmable access control and paging.

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